Message from Chair David Campos


Dear Friends and Supporters,

Over the last few years, I’ve been reflecting more on my journey to this country. I came here at the age of 14 with my family to escape the political turmoil of Guatemala. With my mother and two sisters, I hid for two days, with nothing to eat but crackers and water, and hiding in fear before crossing the border to the United States. We were just three of the millions of immigrants who risked their lives to come to this country.

My story, in one way or another, is shared by many San Franciscans - this city has always been refuge for those who seek it. Our history paints a mosaic of leaders and communities that have overcome hardships of all kinds to build a city that thrives on our diversity.

When LGBTQ communities were under persecution across the country, we became a safe haven. When our immigrant communities were being decimated, we passed the first Sanctuary City Ordinance in the country. In these fights, the San Francisco Democratic Party was often there, leading the charge.

Today, we have a White House that is set on dismantling every facet of what made this country wonderful. Here in San Francisco, we’re at the intersection of the biggest challenges in the country. Vast income inequality, the threat of climate change, the displacement of people of color, and so much more. But with a abundance of wealth, resources and creativity, we’re also best equipped to tackle these problems.

With your support, the San Francisco Democratic Party can continue to lead with a bold and innovative agenda, and continue to affect change not just here in the Bay Area, but across the country. I’m grateful to have you join us in this movement.

In Solidarity,

David Campos
Chair, San Francisco Democratic Party