June 2014 endorsements

At its March 12, 2014 regular meeting, the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee considered ballot measures and judicial candidates for the party's endorsement in the upcoming Municipal Election on June 3rd.

The S.F. Democratic Party has endorsed:

  • YES ON PROP A, the Earthquake Retrofit Bond. The S.F. Ballot Simplification Committee summarizes the measure as “a general obligation bond measure that would authorize the City to sell up to $400 million in bonds to improve specific public safety and emergency response facilities”; and
  • NO ON PROP B, Voter Approval for Waterfront Height Increases. The S.F. Ballot Simplification Committee says this measure “would prevent the City from allowing any development on Port property that exceeds the height limits in effect as of January 1, 2014, unless the City’s voters have first approved an increase in the height limit for that development.”
  • DANIEL FLORES for S.F. Superior Court Judge, Office Number 20.


Nov. 2013 endorsements: 100% success rate 

On August 14, 2013, the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee voted on the party's endorsements for candidates and propositions that appeared on the November 5, 2013 Municipal Election ballot.  The San Francisco Democratic Party endorsed the following candidates and measures -- and all of the party's endorsements prevailed in the November election.   


Qualified Local Ballot Measures


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