March Meeting | Meet the Candidates for CA Dem Party Chair

3092 16th St
San Francisco, CA 94103

**Meeting will be streamed live starting at 6:30pm. Tune into our Facebook page to watch the meeting**

Join us for our next meeting of the San Francisco Democratic Party and the chance to hear directly from the candidates running for California Democratic Party Chair! The election for a new California Democratic Party Chair will take place at the California Democratic Party Convention from May 31-June 2nd in San Francisco.

Candidates for Chair will each make 10 minute presentations to the Democratic County Central Committee, including Q&A. Speakers are: Kimberly Ellis, Rusty Hicks, Daraka Larimore-Hall

Additional items of business include:

+ Resolution Calling on the Secretary of State to Increase Awareness of the Voting Rules for No Party Preference (NPP) Voters During the 2020 Democratic Primary (Baraka, Gallotta)

+ Resolution in Support of a Fair and Equitable Contract for City and County of San Francisco Employees (F. Hsieh)

+ Resolution to Extend Democratic Party Membership to Non-Citizens (Souza, Campos, DeJesus)

+ Resolution in Support of the Medicare for All Act (H.R. 1384) (Baraka)

+ Resolution Condemning Title X Restrictions (“The Domestic Gag Rule”) (Gupta, F. Hsieh, Groth, DeJesus)

+ Resolution Supporting State Senate Bill 233 to Establish Protections for Sex Workers When Reporting a Crime (Gallotta, Wiener, Gupta, Baraka, F. Hsieh, Groth)

+ Resolution in Support of Congressional Hearings and Possible Sanctions Against the Sudanese Government (Alexander)

+ Resolution Calling For More Rent Subsidies For Supportive Housing Residents (Groth)

+ Resolution Supporting the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2020 (Campos, Gallotta)

This meeting is free and open to the public, and all are welcome! For additional meeting information and a complete meeting agenda and packet, visit:

Register Manny's 3092 16th St San Francisco, CA 94103