November 6, 2018 General Election


Board of Supervisors, District 2: Catherine Stefani (sole)

Board of Supervisors, District 4: Gordon Mar (sole)

Board of Supervisors, District 6: Matt Haney (sole)

Board of Supervisors, District 8: Rafael Mandelman (sole)*

Board of Supervisors, District 10: Shamann Walton (sole)

City College Board of Trustees: Thea Selby, Brigitte Davila

Board of Education: Alison Collins, Faauuga Moliga, Li Miao Lovett

Public Defender: Jeff Adachi*

Assessor-Recorder: Carmen Chu

BART Board, District 8: Jonathan Lyens



Proposition A: Seawall Earthquake Safety Bond: YES

Proposition B: Privacy First Act: YES

Proposition C: Our City, Our Home: YES

Proposition D: Cannabis Businesses Tax: YES

Proposition E: Hotel Tax Allocation for Arts and Cultural Purposes: YES

*There are no detailed vote breakdowns for these races as these candidates were endorsed by acclamation.


Breakdown of SFDCCC Member's Votes:

Board of Supervisors, District 2

Board of Supervisors, District 4

Board of Supervisors, District 6

Board of Supervisors, District 10

City College Board of Trustees

Board of Education


BART Board, District 8

Local Propositions


D2 Supervisor Questionnaires:

Catherine Stephani

Nick Josefowtiz

Schuyler Hudak


D4 Supervisor Questionnaires:

Gordon Mar

Jessica Ho 

      Part One

      Part Two

Trevor McNeil

Tuan Nguyen

      Part One

      Part Two


D6 Supervisor Questionnaires:

Christine Johnson

Matt Haney

Sonja Trauss


D8 Supervisor Questionnaires:

Rafael Mandelman


D10 Supervisor Questionnaires:

Shammann Walton

Tony Kelly

Theo Ellington


Public Defender Questionnaires:

Jeff Adachi


Assessor-Recorder Questionnaires:

Paul Bellar

Carmen Chu


BART Board Questionnaires:

Janice Li

Johnathon Lyens

Melanie Nutter

      Part One

      Part Two

Brian Larkin


School Board Questionnaires:

Alison Collins

Connor Krone

Faauuga Moliga

Gabriela Lopez

John D. Trasvina 

Josephine Zhao

Lenette Thompson 

Li Mao Lovett 

      Part One

      Part Two

Martin Rawlings-Fein 

Monica Chinchilla

Mia Satya 

Michelle Parker 

Phil Kim 

Roger Sinasohn 


City College Board Questionnaires:

Thea Selby

Brigitte Davila

Jon Rizzo

Victor Olivieri


Below you'll find the questionnaires for each office:


Public Defender


BART Board

City College Board

San Francisco School Board