S.F. Democrats to elect CDP delegates at ADEMs

SAN FRANCISCO (Jan 5, 2015) -- On Saturday, January 10, and Sunday, January 11, 2015, the California Democratic Party convenes its biennial Assembly District Election Meetings, or “ADEMs," in each of California’s 80 Assembly Districts. 

San Francisco has two Assembly Districts: the 17th AD (represented by Democratic Assemblymember David Chiu) and the 19th AD (represented by Democratic Assemblymember Phil Ting).  

At each ADEM throughout the state, 14 people (comprised equally of 7 men and 7 women) will be elected to represent their districts as delegates to California’s Democratic State Convention -- for both 2015 and 2016.  Assembly District Executive Board representatives are also elected at ADEMs.

While the deadline to become a candidate has passed, all Democrats are invited to take part in their local ADEM, provided they reside in the district and were registered Democrats there by last year’s Oct. 20, 2014 voter registration deadline.  (Those who’ve since turned 18 or were naturalized after the deadline are also eligible to vote, so long as they’ve registered as Democrats or will register as a Democrat on-site.)

If you’re not sure which AD you live in, you can look it up at SF Find.  And you can also check your current voter registration status online at the S.F. Department of Elections’ website here: http://sfelections.org/tools/reglookup/

Here are the times, locations and other information for San Francisco’s ADEMs:

AD 17 Assembly District Election Meeting

Saturday, Jan. 10
Registration begins: 10 a.m.

African American Art & Culture Complex
762 Fulton Street (and Webster Street)
San Francisco, CA 94102
Location Phone: (415) 922-2049

Convener: Paul Hogarth
Phone: (415) 509-2592
Email: paulhogarth78@gmail.com

Female Candidates (only the top 7 finishers will be elected)

  • Rosario Cervantes
  • Mahnani Clay
  • Jo Elias-Jackson
  • Louise Fischer
  • Gillian Gillett
  • Julissa Hernandez
  • Rebecca Lee
  • Mary Marzotto
  • Rebecca Miller
  • Jacquelyn Omotalade
  • Nancy Rock
  • Veronica Shepard
  • Susan Solomon
  • Gladys Soto

Male Candidates (only the top 7 finishers will be elected) 

  • Joshua Arce
  • John Baldo
  • Thomas Brown
  • Juan Cerda
  • Todd David
  • Chris Gembinski
  • Michael Grafton
  • Matt Haney
  • Rick Hauptman
  • Jason Lee Jones
  • Santiago Lerma
  • Edwin Lindo
  • Justin Morgan           
  • Timothy “Toye” Moses
  • Lito Sandoval
  • Coma Te
  • Tom Temprano        
  • Michael Theriault
  • Kenneth Tray           
  • Brian Webster

AD 19 Assembly District Election Meeting 

Sunday, Jan. 11
Registration begins: 11:30am

Pacelli Event Center - Merced Room
145 Lake Merced Blvd
Daly City, CA 94015
Landmark: Westlake Park
Location Phone: (650) 991-8001 or (650) 991-8021

Convener: Hene Kelly
Phone: (415) 533-5244
Email: henekelly@aol.com

Female Candidates (only the top 7 finishers will be elected)

  • Wendy Aragon
  • Amy Bacharach
  • Heather Carroll-Fisher
  • Cecilia Chung
  • Brigitte Davila
  • Perla Ibarrientos
  • Leah LaCroix
  • Suzy Loftus
  • Kate MacKay
  • Michelle Parker
  • Susan Pfeifer
  • Lola Preza
  • Belinda Robinson
  • Sally Stephens

Male Candidates (the top 7 finishers will be elected) 

  • Kevin Bard
  • Joel Engardio
  • Shaun Haines
  • Lee Hsu
  • Jonathan Lyens
  • Basem (Sam) Manneh
  • Gabriel Medina
  • Michael Pangilinan
  • Sam Rodriguez
  • Michael Sweet
  • Jose Torres
  • Alex Walker
  • Jeffery Woo

Learn more about ADEMs from the California Democratic Party at http://www.cadem.org/resources?id=0739.





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