Internship and Fellowship Programs: Summer 2015

The San Francisco Democratic Party is excited to announce its Summer 2014 Sue Bierman Memorial Internship Program!


  • Must be a student interested in politics
  • Must be registered as a Democrat (if eligible to do so)
  • Must be able to devote 10-15 hours/week to internship
  • Must be in San Francisco and available to work for at least 12 weeks during summer of 2014
  • Interested in field outreach activities including voter registration, phone banking, and canvassing

Preferred Skills/Experience- (You don’t need to have all of these, but excelling in one is great.)

  • Some volunteer experience, particularly campaign or community organizing related.
  • Fluency or conversational abilities in Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese or Tagalog is extremely helpful.
  • Event planning.
  • Social media/web formatting
  • Organization/scheduling
  • Previous leadership roles
  • Excel/Google docs proficiency

This internship is meant to teach basic field organizing skills and expose students to local, state, and federal politics. Students will be expected to take the lead on and manage projects and small scale campaigns; responsibility and leadership roles will increase as the summer progresses. They will be expected to participate in voter registration one- to two-times per week, phone banks for candidates in contested races at both federal and state levels, and possibly canvassing for these candidates. They will also help recruit and manage volunteers, including those from our local Democratic clubs. Students who cannot commit to these requirements are encouraged to volunteer and can use volunteer time to fulfill community service requirements if allowed by their school.

Please send a resume (1 page) and cover letter to our Executive Director, Ally Medina, at A monthly stipend will be offered. We will be conducting interviews from April-May 2014.

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