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Adam joined our team September 1, 2016 and has hit the ground running to continue the legacy of the Democratic Party. Adam has spent much of his time being involved in multiple local Democratic races, non-profit spaces, and graduate school. He’s lived in San Francisco for a combination of eight years and has always lived in the Castro. Some of Adam’s passions are educating San Francisco voters, voter outreach and engagement.

Civic and political engagement have been pillars in Adam’s career. During graduate school he focused his time on underserved communities, grassroots organizations, and mechanisms to address chronic inequalities. Since moving back to San Francisco in 2014, Adam has joined multiple chartered and non-chartered Democratic clubs where he sits on some places of leadership. Issues of access, equality, and equity are principles that energize him and where he seeks the most societal change.

 2017 Summer Interns:

Alison Bogy


Alison Bogy is a sophomore student at Tufts University studying international relations and Chinese. She spends her time on campus with the group ALLIES, an undergraduate organization dedicated to improving civilian-military relations through joint education, research and training. She desires to continue learning Chinese, and work for the government post graduation. She has previously lived in Barcelona, Spain, where she taught English to children. Her interests include Chinese, national defense, and animals.

Jhorna Islam


I am a third year at San Francisco State University studying International Relations. I'm exciting to learn more about the inner workings of San Francisco local politics and how to empower the people of this city, especially youth and people of color. Some of the issues that are closest to my heart are the rise of Islamophobic hate crimes and deportations. It's my hope to see San Francisco be a place where everyone is welcome!

Connor Nakamura


My name is Connor Nakamura and I am a sophomore at Lick-Wilmerding high school.  I have become more interested in local politics after the past election season, and getting involved in city government is one of the most effective ways to make change.  I worked on Katy Tang's youth council and will also be volunteering for her office this summer.  Through this program, I want to get a better knowledge of local politics while also learning more about the democratic party.

Stacy Shen


My name is Stacy and I'm an incoming senior at Irvington High School in Fremont. To me, this internship is all about learning. Throughout my high school career, I've worked to connect with my community, learn about pressing issues, and collaborate with others to find solutions through my experiences as a representative to my district's Board of Education, a student ambassador to a nonprofit, class president, and more. Through these experiences,  I've been able to pursue my passion in advocacy and service. The opportunity to work with the SFDCCC is a way for me take my passion beyond just my school and district. It gives me the chance to explore a field I'm interested in pursuing in college and beyond, while also allowing me to learn more about the local, state, and federal political structure, the Democratic Party and the people who are its backbone, and how I can contribute to the party’s vision and my community. During my time with the SFDCCC, I hope to create the biggest impact I can on my community because it’s not every day you have the support of a platform such as this one. To me, it's all about seizing the opportunity to create real and tangible change on the communities we love and serve. I'm extremely excited to be collaborating with community leaders to pursue something I am truly passionate about and help out with a cause bigger than myself, and am looking forward to working with and learning from everyone! 

Dakshina Thanky


My name is Dakshina Thanky. I am originally from Austin Texas, and have lived in San Francisco for five years now. I am a senior at San Francisco State University— majoring in Political Science with an emphasis in law. I am a certified paralegal and notary public, and I’ve worked primarily in immigration law assisting attorneys with people seeking asylum and immigrant family unification. I have also interned at the SF District Attorney’s Office in the environmental law unit, where I assisted in ensuring that big businesses abide by the California environmental laws and waste disposal. Although I have experience with legal research and applying laws — I was very interested in this internship because I would like to know what influence laws to become enacted, or what is the intent behind making certain laws. I would like to learn the methods that party groups use to promote their resolutions and inform the public about certain propositions. I do plan on going to law school after graduation, but I am not sure if I would like to go into the more political side of law making, or the juridical side of law. I hope to gain insight from this internship, and contribute to the efforts of the San Francisco Democratic Party.

Bahlam Javier Vigil


I am a genderqueer queer latino born and raised in San Francisco. I am passionate about politics aiming to help my community by providing resources to youth and motivating my community to be a part of politics and the movement to help create progressive change for future generations to come. I live in the excelsior district where I have organized school events and and working with members from different organizations to increase youth involvement and to get the resources youth need to be successful early in life. I hope to gain new profound skills in community organizing and other vital skills to help my career in political community organizing. I also hope to gain in the internship new people to work with and people I can look up to as role models. I want to gain as much knowledge and skills as possible as a young democrat I strive to gain new knowledge and new skills no matter the challenge. I am up to the task of learning. 

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