February 7, 2017

Newly Appointed Delegates (these individuals will join ADEMS at CA Convention)

 Alice Brown, Liliana (Lila) Carrillo, Oliver (Reid) Chalker, Queena Chen, Robert (Rob) Chua, Alaina Fuata, Thomas (Tom) Gallagher, Michael (Mike) Hegeman, Paul Hogarth, Anthony (Tony) Kelly, Jennifer (Jen) Low, Paulina Maldonado, Roscoe Mapps, Adam Mehis, Matthew Rothschild, and Deepa Varma

Congratulations to the newly elected ADEMS! 

 January  9, 2017

AD 17

Eboard Representative: Thea Selby

Female Delegates: Laura Clark, Gladys Soto, Davi Lang, Alysabeth Alexander, Leah Pimentel, Angeles Roy, & Mia Satya (Deepa Varma and Lila Carrillo R/U)

Male Delegates: Theo Ellington, Rafael Trujillo, Peter Gallotta, Wade Woods, Todd David, Benjamin Becker, & Nima Rahimi (Justin Jones and Coma Te R/U)

AD 19

Eboard Representative: Susan Pfeifer 

Female Delegates: Wendy Aragon, Brigitte Davila, Kelly Groth, Amy Erb, Amy Barcharach, Li Lovett, & Maureen Dugan (Susan Pfeifer and Emily Murase R/U)

Male Delegates: Alan Wong, Jonathan Lyens, William Walker, Xavier Aubuchon-Mendoza, Ian Fregosi, Gabriel Medina, & Brandon Harami (Joel Engardio and Robert Chua R/U)


 2016 Democratic Platform


The Democratic Party believes in empowering the people of our nation and champions the values of inclusion an opportunity.

We believe in reforming our criminal justice system, gun safety, and good-paying jobs for our people.This includes increasing the minimum wage, the right to form and join a union, and our commitment to public education.

The Democratic Party, for the first time, has come out for the abolition of the death penalty as cruel and unusual punishment, and stands for an end to the era of mass incarceration.

The Democratic Party is committed to the protection of women's reproductive rights, the pursuit of universal health care, the expansion of Social Security, and fighting for comprehensive immigration reform with the goal of keeping families together, providing legal counsel for unaccompanied minors, and ending private detention centers.

The Democratic Party calls for the reform of Wall Street, and for breaking up financial entities so that never again is being "too big to fail" an excuse for inaction. Trade should not put corporate profit ahead of workers' rights, labor standards, or public health.

And, finally, the Democratic Party recognizes the urgency of clean energy and the reality of climate change and is dedicated to making our country run on clean energy.

                                                                         --extracted from the 2016 Democratic Party Platform 


NOTE: Our next meeting will be Wednesday, April 26 at 6:30pm. We'll be meeting at Milton Marks Auditorium (455 Golden Gate). 



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